Rebecca Mader, Once Upon a Time


What a witch!

Once Upon A Time dropped a major bombshell on us tonight and also solved a major mystery for us: How was the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) supposed to come back after she was killed?

Turns out, she was never dead.

It also turns out that Marian has not been Marian THIS ENTIRE TIME.

What, you ask?

After Zelena died, her spirit traveled back in time through the portal with Emma and found Marian about to be murdered by the then-evil Regina. Zelena took the opportunity to work some magical whosywhatsit and take over Marian's body.

We learned of this twist after Gold (Robert Carlyle) met up with Robin (Sean Maguire) and Marian (Christie Laing) in the "real world" and promptly had a heart attack. Robin went to the Wizard of Oz in search of a heart potion to cure him, but Marian/Zelena switched the potion and showed up to bask in the success of her plan while Gold was all tubed up in the hospital.

This all means that Regina (Lana Parilla) sent her love away for no dang reason at all because his "wife" was actually her evil witch sister, and watching her discover that at the end of the episode was sort of super heartbreaking. Plus, Gold is holding Regina hostage and forcing her to choose between keeping Emma or Robin safe, because he's the worst.

As for Robin, he still has no idea that his wife is not actually his wife, and was even still declaring his undying love for her over Regina.

So we're super sad, but our minds are also completely blown.

Well done, show. 

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