Hilaria Baldwin


Pregnant and proud of it!

Fans may be used to seeing Hilaria Baldwin posing on Instagram in one of her many signature yoga poses. But on Friday evening, the expectant mom decided to show off her baby bump in a unique way.

Time for a late-night selfie in nothing but lingerie.

"6.5 months!" she revealed on social media while posing in her bathroom in a black bra and panties. "This is a loooooowwwwww baby. #BaldwinBabyBump"

In January, Hilaria and her husband Alec Baldwin announced they were expecting their second child together. "So we have an announcement to make...can you guess??" she wrote on the beach at sunset. "Now, with this little baby growing inside of me, I will document for you how I am going to take care of myself while pregnant and beyond."

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As you could have guessed, she has followed through with her promise by revealing some clever tricks of the trade for female followers. In February, the yoga enthusiast explained her secrets to staying stretch-mark free throughout her pregnancy.

"Let me say that the most important trick to good skin is diet (some genetics too), but staying hydrated inside and out is extremely important," she wrote on Instagram with a variety of products she had tried. "I moisturize daily (multiple times a day while pregnant), wash my face morning and night, exfoliate in the shower, but mostly try to drink tons of water and eat clean."

Speaking of food, Hilaria recently confessed that she's not as hungry during her second pregnancy journey. Perhaps, that's one of the many reasons she looks so good six months along.

"We're really excited to have another baby!" she recently gushed to Extra. "We definitely wanted Carmen to have a sibling near her age. She already has Ireland Baldwin." Alec added, "I am very blessed, very blessed, we're having the baby and that's almost surreal to me." 

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