Nurse Jackie is going off the clock this year. The long-running Showtime series starring Edie Falco is ending with season seven, debuting Sunday, Apr. 12.

"If I found out tomorrow that we were doing five more years I'd be like, ‘Woohoo,' but the fact that we're ending it when we are also feels right," Falco says in the exclusive video above.

Cameras were on set for the very last day of filming the beloved Emmy-winning series about a strong-willed (slightly troubled) nurse to capture the cast looking back at everything...and looking ahead to a life without Nurse Jackie.

Nurse Jackie


"What I'm going to miss most is the day to day work life. It's an experience unrivaled in my life," Falco says. "I have never had a more rewarding work life. Really. Bar none."

Falco took home an Emmy for playing Jackie Peyton and been nominated four other times, while Merrit Wever took home an Emmy for playing Zoey Barkow. The cast also includes Peter Facinelli, Stephen Wallem, Paul Schulze, Dominic Fumusa and Anna Deavere Smith.

To say the cast and crew are close is an understatement. "It just feels like a family," Facinelli says. "Family's all moving on."

Click play on the video above to find out Falco's favorite memories. Hint: Even though the show is a bit dark and set in a hospital, it involves laughing. A lot.

Nurse Jackie's final season premieres Sunday, Apr. 12, at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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