In 1983, Madonna sang, "We're gonna have a celebration!" Thirty-two years later, she's still celebrating!

The 56-year-old legend stopped by NBC's The Tonight Show Thursday to perform her classic, "Holiday," with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. The fun twist? The 10 participants had to use classroom instruments.

While everyone sang the chorus, Madonna and Fallon shared the verses.

When the "Ghosttown" singer joined Fallon on stage, she opened up about how the music industry has changed since she burst onto the scene in the '80s.

As Madonna recalled, "the good ol' days" are over.

"The best part of the early days is that there's no expectation. There's no pressure. You're free to do whatever you want. In those days, there was no social media, so you just had to take your cassette tapes out, go to all the clubs, take the subway—whatever. You know what I mean? You had to take yourself everywhere, and you had to do shows. You had to perform live. You had to earn your way in the world."

"I just kept going and going and going, and then one day I got discovered."

Madonna explained that "New York was a very different place" than it is today.

As an example, the singer joked, "When I'm in a club and someone gives me their music, I'm like, 'Get the f--k out of here!'"

In addition to being a musician, Madonna is "kind of a closet comedian."

"Have you ever done stand-up comedy?" Fallon asked.

"I haven't," the "Living for Love" singer said, "but, I mean, one day I hope to."

"You can do it now if you want to," the host told her.

With that, she headed backstage so Fallon could introduce her from behind the curtain. To see Madonna's stand-up comedy debut, watch the video now!

(E! and NBC are both members of the NBCUniversal family.)

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