Penn Jillette is looking a lot different these days!

The 60-year-old comedian is now super-skinny after losing a whopping 105 pounds. The funnyman, who stands very tall at 6' 7," was able to go from 330 pounds to 225 pounds by drastically changing his eating habits to an "extreme low-calorie program."

"I was on six very powerful meds to bring the blood pressure down," Jillette tells People. "My doctor said I needed to get my weight down, and if I brought it down 30 or 40 pounds it would be a little easier to control. And then he said something in passing that completely blew my mind—he said, ‘If you got down to 230, you probably wouldn't need any of the meds.'"

Penn Jillette, Celebrity Apprentice


That's when Jillette started eating only 1,000 each day, which allowed him to lose nearly a pound per day. Since finally reaching his goal weight on Mar. 5 (his birthday), Jillette has continued to eat healthy.

"I eat unbelievable amounts of food but just very, very, very healthy food," the magic man says. "I could probably have a steak or a doughnut every couple of weeks, but I just haven't felt like it. When you're feeling as bad as I felt, and you go to feeling as good as I feel, the temptation to go back to doing what you were doing when you felt bad is not very great."

Penn Jillette, David Hasselhoff, Twitter


Jillette has even started working out. "Now it's really fun to exercise," he says. "The only hard part of exercise is keeping it hard enough to be hard."

And over 100 pounds isn't the only thing Jillette lost. He also dropped 10 pants sizes, going from a 44 to a 34!

"I have so much energy and I feel so good," the father of two says. "I'm just plain happier."

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