Emily Blunt takes her craft very seriously.

But when he actress prepared to compete against her Devil Wears Prada co-star Anne Hathaway in Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle, she went a little overboard. "I've been super method about it. I've been screaming at everybody pretty much all day because I don't want a voice," she said in mock seriousness. "And I guarantee that Anne Hathaway is in full voice right now. Anne has a very, very secretive process."

Cut to the footage of Blunt trying on different glasses in her dressing room.

"Those aren't right. No. Is this a joke?" she asked. "These are not her glasses!"

Cameras also showed Hathaway crying on stage, and host LL Cool J revealed that she "has a very weird sort of humming or something coming out of her dressing room." Even weirder? Color commentator Chrissy Teigen said that she "accidentally walked into her wardrobe room and there were, like, cloaks."

Blunt confirmed that Hathaway was acting bizarre before the show.

"I called her once and she just picked up and went, 'Shh!' finally she called me and she said, 'OK, listen. I'm doing Beethoven's Fifth,' and I went, 'There aren't any words in that!' And she hung up," Blunt said.

Emily Blunt, Lip Sync Battle


The pre-show clip also featured Blunt doing a variety of vocal exercises, one of which showed the actress repeating Benedict Cumberbatch's name. "You need mobility," she explained. "Consonants."

Before taking the stage to perform Janis Joplin's 1968 hit "Piece of My Heart," Blunt reiterated that she came to win. "This goddess that I'm about to portray out there, she's pretty wild. She doesn't take showers. But you know what? I live to give. This is art. This is going to stand the test of time," she said.

Blunt, whose husband John Krasinski produces the show with Stephen Merchant, performed two songs.

For one of her numbers, Hathaway went more contemporary by selecting Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."

To see all four performances, watch Lip Sync Battle tonight at 10 p.m. on Spike TV.

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