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"It's the vast world of Netflix, right on your wrist!" 

It's not April Fools' Day anymore, so we hope that means this Netflix ad is real. 

The new Netflix watch appears to be the answers to all of your most pressing first world problems: How do you watch TV when you run? How do you watch TV when you use the bathroom? How do you watch TV while you drive? 

Wonder no more, because now you can safely attach Netflix to your wrist with the Netflix Watch! You could put The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on repeat for the rest of eternity, if you want, and we know you do. 

According to this ad, the Netflix Watch is perfect for hugging your friends or sitting in traffic, but we can come up with a few other times this could come in handy:

Passing the time while in line at Disneyland
Passing the time while riding one of the rides at Disneyland
Waiting for your car to be washed
When you're riding on a parade float
When you're getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist 
When you're running errands with your parents
When you're watching your little sibling's boring dance recital 
Every time they call "time out" during sports
While you're carrying groceries out to the car 
When you don't know anyone at a party
When you need a reason to ignore everyone around you
When you're in a really slow conga line
While you're waiting in the outfield for someone to hit the ball to you
While you're lifting weights 
While you're watching another show on a different screen 
While you're pondering the unanswered questions of Lost or determining who your favorite Friend is
While you're dying slowly after being poisoned

Basically, this new product is making all of our dreams come true. Our lives are changed and our world will never be the same. 

Thank you, Netflix. Thank you, Santa. Thank you, Jacob. 

Watch the ad above and then let us know in the comments: How would you use the Netflix watch? 

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