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Everyone knows festival season—and Coachella in particular—is an excuse to tap into our inner hippie. Besides Halloween, it's the only time to flaunt motifs we wouldn't normally wear.

But before you break out your fringe and flower crowns, E! Style Collective member and celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese is here to predict this year's newest festival trends. Leave the muscle tanks and panama hats in 2014—this season features new staples perfect for the stage and will endure through the sandstorms.

ESC, The New Coachella Staples, Fringe

Last year: Fringe
This year: Tassels

"Although I'll still sport an undeniably killer fringe piece, tassels are the new black of the trim trends," Lindsay said. "They're the more outspoken sibling of the fringe family. They're for the girl who wants a little more style impact."

ESC, The New Coachella Staples, pants

Last year: Breezy pants
This year: Culottes

"Consider the culottes this season!" the stylist suggested. "This not-shorts, not-pants style has a street style cool vibe with a touch of androgyny. The hem length can be tricky for some, so if you're apprehensive about this style throwing off your proportions, always opt for a heel. Fearless fashion trailblazers, feel free to go all out."

ESC, The New Coachella Staples, hat

Last year: Panama hats
This year: Wide-brim boater

"The beloved summer hat staple is still here, just slightly made over," Lindsay informed us. "The hat-of-the-moment is a boater style-panama hybrid with a wider brim (hence more sun blockage, thank you!). It's not something we've seen a lot of in years past, which makes it the ideal choice for the girl who wants to switch up the status quo. Apparently, Anna Wintour ordered three of these for Vogue."

ESC, The New Coachella Staples, Muscle Tee

Last year: Muscle graphic tank
This year: Relaxed-fit T-shirts

"There's a relaxed, girl-meets-boy cool girl thing going on right now," Lindsay noted. "The slouchier and more worn in the better. Offset these tees with something fitted or short on the bottom to define your shape."

ESC, The New Coachella Staples, Geo Print

Last year: Tiny prints
This year: Bold geometric prints

"The all-over print is flattering to all figure types because the busy print blurs figure concerns because there's so much going on," she advised.

ESC, The New Coachella Staples, Boho

Last year: Boho-hippie vibes
This year: Sleek ‘70s chic flares

"Were still spreading the peace and love but in a more streamlined way," she said. "Think Bianca Jagger circa Studio 54—she epitomizes this ‘70s style sensibility that's resurfaced this season. And thankfully so! This is my favorite fashion era, and she is on my very short list of style icons."

ESC, The New Coachella Staples, Crowns

Last year: The floral crown
This year: The silver belt

"Please no more flower crowns this festival season!" Lindsay begged. "Unless they're real flowers, then I can deal-ish. The freshest trend is moving to the waist. Metal belts are like statement jewelry for the body and can be the focal point of your outfit. A little bohemian and a little rock and roll."

Guanabana Tribal Clutch, £100.15; ASOS Vila Wide Leg Culottes In Scarf Print, $67; Gladys Tamez Millinery The Gloria Hat, $305; Front Row Shop Shift Dress in Tapestry Geometric Print, $75; Silence + Noise Deep Scoop-Neck Dolman Tee, $34; Show Me Your Mumu Bam Bam Bells, $146; Natalie B Jewelry Tigress Belt, £103.51

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