It's not often that Ben Stiller strikes out in real life, but the same can't be said for his on-screen personas. The comedian plays bumbling better than almost everybody, and his latest movie While We're Young is no different.

Stiller stars as Josh, a struggling fortysomething documentary director living in Brooklyn (and married to Naomi Watts, no less) who strikes up a friendship with a twentysomething hipster couple. Ben's character becomes overly self-conscious of the generation gap and starts adopting several hilarious quirks of young Brooklynites—think everything from bike riding and wearing bowler hats to attending unsanctioned Ayahuasca cleansing ceremonies. 

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Josh also develops something of a professional jealousy of his younger friend, who also happens to be a filmmaker, which is how he lands in a meeting with a denser-than-dense venture capitalist (played by none other than Million Dollar Listing's Ryan Serhant). Josh attempts to explain his dry, clunky documentary about power in America to a guy whose historical knowledge doesn't extend past previous Super Bowl winners. 

The result is completely hilarious, with Serhant's bro character throwing out lines like "So it's a prison movie! It's like a black Shawshank?" In other words, it's our second-favorite Ryan Serhant performance (after that butt-naked spread in Flaunt, of course).

Watch the clip for all the laughs, and catch While We're Young in theaters now.

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