Everybody loves receiving packages in the mail.

But what happens when you keep receiving unwanted "toys" delivered to your home without your consent? It's a scenario Jesse Tyler Ferguson knows more than a little about. 

On Tuesday's all-new Meredith Vieira Show, the Modern Family star confessed to receiving a few X-rated gifts. And one of his favorite co-stars is responsible for the prank!

"What kind of pervert would do that?" he asked Meredith Vieira. "His name is Eric Stonestreet and he plays Cam on Modern Family…He was sending me toys that he found on the Internet and labeling, with my name on it not any sort of alias, to my house."

Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family Twit Pic


Sounds all fun and innocent, right? But what happens when the gift doesn't arrive at the right person's doorstep? Oh it happened and it was more than a little bit awkward. 

"That neighbor happens to be Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory," Ferguson explained. "So I had to go over to Jim's house and go, ‘Hey, did you receive anything in the mail?' I ended up telling him what it was but the thing is I usually receive Jim's New Yorker magazine."

He continued, "Oh God, how embarrassing. I receive his high-brow magazine and he's receiving lewd things in the mail that he thinks I ordered, which I didn't."

For better or worse, that's not the first awkward scenario Ferguson has found himself in. The 39-year-old also confessed to meeting a fan on the New York City streets who wanted a picture. 

But before any selfies were snapped, the unknown tourist clarified that she didn't want a picture with him. She wanted a picture of something completely different.

Watch the clip above to hear the hilarious story!

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