Just when you think you have an idea of what Giuliana Rancic has been through, you learn something new.

Fans of the E! News anchor have been getting a much more intimate glimpse at Giuliana's life through her brand-new memoir Going Off Script: How I Survived a Crazy Childhood, Cancer, and Clooney's 32 On-Screen Rejections (which is available online and in bookstores everywhere today), and she continues to drop some bombshells.

After revealing that ex-boyfriend Jerry O'Connell cheated on her twice, G opens up in her memoir about another unsuccessful relationship that became abusive, and hopes that by sharing her story, she can help other women in similar situations.

Going Off Script: How I Survived a Crazy Childhood, Cancer, and Clooney's 32 On-Screen Rejections

Crown Archetype

"Yeah, that was a tough one. I was 16, I was already lacking self esteem, like a lot of young girls, to begin with, and I got into a relationship with a boy that I thought was better than me," Giuliana tells E! News' Alicia Quarles.

She continued, "Not long after we started dating, he became very, very verbally abusive to me. And then it led to, literally, making me look in the mirror and saying, 'Look at you. Look how ugly you are. No one will ever love you...' And the reason I ended up writing about it is because—and I've never revealed this—but to this day, I still hear his voice say it to me."

But Rancic no longer allows his words to tear her down. "When I hear that, his voice, I have to block it out and go, no, no, no, no, no. He was the ugly one. So it's just important to know that it's not how you get kicked down, it's how you recover. I look back at my weaknesses as a teenage girl, I realize that my weaknesses back then are my power today."

As we all know now, Giuliana is happily married to the studly Bill Rancic, and Rancic credits her past struggles with love to helping her snag a guy like Bill.

"I met Bill not long after Jerry and I broke up and I'm telling you, I would never have been the woman that Bill fell in love with had I not had that relationship, because I learned so much from that relationship about who I really am, what I really am looking for."

For more of our interview with Giuliana Rancic, watch E! News tonight at 7 and 11.

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