You've come a long way, spandex.

To celebrate 100 years of "keeping fit," UK Healthcare provider Beneden has created a viral video that takes us through 100 years of fitness fads, starting with simple stretching in the '20s and ending with today's Zumba trend. In between? Hula hooping, aerobics while sporting some clutch '80s wear and who can forget the Tae-Bo craze of the '90s? Remember? Everyone was always talking about "double time!"

If this doesn't make you want to get off your ass and work out, well, just come sit next to us because we're going to start binge-watching all the Fast and Furious movies while eating chicken fried bacon.

We're currently working on a video called "100 Years of Making Excuses to Not Work Out." It starts with the ending of prohibition and ends with Netflix. 

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