ESC, 5 Ways To Wear Chambray, Monday

Come Monday, don't waste yet another 20 minutes that you could've spent sleeping by staring blankly into your closet instead. 

If the onset of workweek dressing is stressing you out, turn to the wardrobe workhouse both lazy girls and stylish celebs adore: the chambray shirt. How do you wear one piece all week without looking like a repeat offender? These stars show you how.

Start the week off right. Make an impression with a chic look that says you're ready for business. To add sophistication to the typically casual chambray shirt, pair it with luxe fabrics and tailored pieces. Here, Kim Kardashian mixes her lightweight topper with a satin-lapelled fitted black blazer and nude cropped leather pants.

ESC, 5 Ways To Wear Chambray, Tuesday

For day two, unbutton and let loose a bit. Use your shirt to help cover-up a thin tank. Just make sure to tuck the lightweight piece into your bottoms. Jessica Alba paired her iteration with a bright, floral skirt for seasonal effect but you can do the same with tailored, cropped trousers and a pair of heels.

ESC, 5 Ways To Wear Chambray, Wednesday

Hump day gives you a reason to channel unkempt, sexy vibes. To master the art of the half-tuck, unbutton the bottom button of your shirt and slide one side into your pants or shorts, subtly draping the other side of the shirt over the waistline. If you do pair your shirt with a denim bottom, like Vanessa Hudgens did here, make sure the colors look vastly different.

ESC, 5 Ways To Wear Chambray, Thursday

If anyone can prim up a Canadian tuxedo, it's Olivia Palermo . Like Vanessa, Olivia's denim tones contrast rather than match, giving the illusion of two different pieces. Wearing a tucked-in, lighter-tone shirt with little to no wash gives it a delicate touch—almost like a cotton oxford—in contrast to the thicker, wash-heavy skirt. The simple, elegant belt and low, unbuttoned neckline adds a sexy, nighttime-appropriate touch. 

ESC, 5 Ways To Wear Chambray, Friday

Whether you're hitting the gym or going for the ‘90s grunge look, tying a lightweight chambray shirt around your waist helps to break up solids and can define your waistline and hips. Not to mention it's a great booty cover for those body-hugging leggings.

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