Zoe Saldana's plans for her first Mother's Day celebration as a new mom are pretty simple.

"In bed with…my man and my boys," the Avatar star told me last night at the Samsung Galaxy S 6 edge launch party at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood.

Saldana joked that she's spending as much time with the kids—she gave birth to her and her artist hubby Marco Perego's twin boys Cy and Bowie four months ago—because she knows they won't always want her around. "I might as well enjoy it right now because I don't want that day to come when I'm like standing in front of our television and they're kind of going to to me, 'Mama, mama—move, move, move!' I'm going to be so sad," she said

Just this morning, Saldana Instagrammed the most adorable pics of Cy and Bowie wearing matching soccer uniforms with their names emblazoned on the back of the jerseys.

Zoe Saldana, Twins, Instagram


"Let's go Real Mardrid!" she captioned the photo in Spanish. "These uniforms are so cute that we had to share them with you. Thank you to Carlo and Marianna for the beautiful gift. Even their names are written. I showered them with kisses! Happy Easter to all. A hug, Zoe, Marco, Cy and Bowie."

While Saldana has yet to offer social media a photo of the babies' faces, she beamed that they look like a "perfect combination of the both of us.

"But they look like my father—a lot like my father," she added. "They keep changing every day. I see a little bit of my grandmother, a little bit of la nona, a little bit of the aunts. It's crazy."

She also said that she and Perego usually speak Spanish or Italian around the babies.

Marco Perego, Zoe Saldana

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

And then Saldana admitted she still likes to playfully tease Perego about his thick Italian accent.

"I kept telling him, 'Say Samsung Galaxy S 6 really really fast,'" she said. "And he can't say it. We were looking [online] at Samsung's Panoramic Curved TVs. He couldn't' say 'curved.' I was like, 'Roll your tongue.' We were laughing so hard.

"I could only keep enjoying this now because once the kids get older I don't want the kids going, 'No, dad, this is how your say it,' because I'd feel like such an idiot."

Meanwhile, Saldana confessed electronic gadgets aren't her specialty...yet. She said, "Marco's very much the techie, but I'm learning more and more.'"

For more from Samsung's star-studded  party (hello, Taraji P. Henson!), make sure to check out E! News tonight at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

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