Deion Sanders

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Deion Sanders has no problem calling his son out on Twitter!

Deion Sanders Jr., who plays football at SMU, had a bit of of a "woe is me" moment over the availability of his preferred breakfast treat. Naturally, he tweeted about this dilemma.

Deion Sr., an NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer himself, wasn't having it! So, as any good parent would do, he gave his well-off son a friendly reality check.

Schooled, right? It didn't end there!

No one get your jock strap in a twist over this, though—there's nothin' but love between Deion Sr. and Jr.!

So just to reiterate, all love!

Don't feel too bad for Deion Jr. with those "hood" donuts, either. On Friday afternoon, he tweeted a photo of himself and a pal enjoying some delicious cuisine from one of the world's best breakfast eateries: WAFFLE HOUSE! Their hashbrowns are fit for a king. (Seriously, music royals go their with their gals...)

As for Jr.? Well, he's lucky to be #WellOffForever, but he's really fortunate to have a dad like Deion who keeps him honest.

So sweet!

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