Dwayne Johnson, The Rock


Dwayne Johnson will be singing in his next movie!

No, this isn't another celeb-fueled April Fool's joke.

The Rock has officially signed a contract with Disney to be the voice of the lead male character, Maiu, in the animated musical Moana set for release in 2016.

"At DISNEY STUDIOS signing contracts to play the male lead in their next big classic animated musical, #MOANA. Just had an amazing 2hr presentation and it's easy to see why they're the greatest story tellers in the world. Im excited. And in the background my homies Fred & Wasabi from #BigHERO6 are jumpin' for joy joy cause they heard I'm gonna sing in the movie. #WeTrulyKnowWhereWereGoing #WhenWeUnderstandWhereWereFrom #NeverForgetHome #MOANA," captioned the WWE legend.



In the Instagram pic, the 42-year-old can be seen with a big smile across his face as he points to some cheering cutouts from the movie Big Hero 6.

With the contracts apparently sprawled across his desk and a pen in hand, Johnson appears to be ecstatic about joining forces with Disney.

The comedy-adventure Moana tells the tale of a young lady who uses her navigational skills to find her way to a fabled island. Alongside her on this journey will be the legendary demi-god Maui, which is exactly where Johnson will step in. Or shall we say, sing in.

For some ladies, calling The Rock a demi-god won't be much of a stretch, but we're sure plenty of people will be excited to see the wrestler-turned-actor trying out his vocal prowess!

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