Tara Reid, Tattoo

Some flights are annoying and horrible. And some flights become the starting point of a wild and crazy adventure. Enter rapper Crichy Crich and Tara Reid.

Crichy Crich was on a Virgin America flight flying back to Los Angeles from Miami, where he attended the Ultra Music Festival, when he ultimately ended up meeting the American Pie star and getting her name tattooed on him! Wait, what?! Yeah, we couldn't make this up.

Clearly, a lot of questions arise, so luckily Crich filled E! News in on everything that went down that magical day (and yes, he says a lot of alcohol was involved).

"Virgin Airlines has this thing where you can invite people to a chat on their seats. Me and my buddy Ross thought it would be funny to invite the whole plane into the chat and start buying everyone drinks," he tells us. "We had no idea that insane idea would turn into what it did."

During his generous endeavor, Crich noticed Reid standing up and talking to another passenger on the plane.

"Then I was like, 'Yo Tara' and she looked over and waved and my friend took a photo. She was with a few friends that I believe were spread out throughout the plane," he explains, and adds that the group ended up sitting together and chatting...oh, and drinking.

"[She's a] super cool chick. Her and her friend were both awesome and got along instantly," Crich says, and noted that he was already "pretty tipsy" when he boarded the flight, "Then we got the great idea to buy drinks nonstop on a 6-hour flight across the country."

Then came the next adventure—the tattoo!

Tara Reid, Tattoo

Once everyone landed back in Los Angeles, the group took a private car service to a tattoo shop that was owned by Reid's pal. "By this point I barely even remember whose idea it was and how it got brought up, but clearly I thought it was a brilliant idea," he tells us.

Crichy Crich ended up getting "Tara Reid" on his arm. She didn't return the favor. And while some may shake their head at his new body art, he confesses, "I once tattood my friends Twitter handle on myself, so this tattoo wasn't the dumbest thing I've ever done."

Oh, well that's good. Plus, he was a fan of Reid's to begin with. "I was born in the '90s," he explains. "I think every kid in the world was a fan of Tara in American Pie, which is also one of my favorite movies to this date."

As for how he feels the morning after everything happened? "Really just had an awful hangover and found out the story was all over the media," he tells E! News, but reassures us, "I don't regret it."

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