Britney Spears, Preston Doodle


Britney Spears' son Sean Preston is really taking after his famous mom!

The 33-year-old "Till the World Ends" singer took to Instagram earlier today to share a photo of Sean Preston's impressive art skills. The photo features a drawing of SpongeBob Squarpants recently rendered by the 9-year-old. Sean Preston even signed his name on the cute drawing.

"My son is a true artist!" Spears captioned her Instagram. It sure sounds like Brit is one proud mama! Wonder if her 8-year-old son Jayden James has the artist gene, too?

People Magazine, Britney Spears


Meanwhile, Spears recently covered People magazine with her two adorable sons. The family photo shows all three of them smiling and hugging.

"I'm in a real good place," Spears told the mag. "I'm the happiest I've ever been."

As for her boys' hobbies, Spears revealed, "Homework is a priority. We have a reward system that helps motivate them: If they get so many As, they get one toy a month."

Spears also said she's "taking classes" so that she can help Preston with learning pre-algebra in fifth grade next year. And algebra isn't Preston's only new milestone. "Preston just asked for a high allowance—like $10 a week or $20 a week—but we'll see!" she dished.

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