Welcome to Miami....Nick Jonas?

Yes, the 22-year-old singer headed South for a new version of his "Chains" music video—"the Wynwood Walls edition," to be specific! In this colorful clip, the crotch-grabbing former Disney star surrounds himself with plenty of half-naked, booty-shaking ladies! And yes, gals, Nick showcases his own bulging biceps in a sleeveless tank, so there is some eye candy for all.

But while the women in the video are rocking fishnets, hot-pants, bustiers and everything else revealing you can imagine, Nick himself is (le sigh) mostly covered up for some of the clip. Sure, seeing this Jonas brother in a tight, white sweater (one made of boyfriend material, obviously) is fun, but things only really heat up when he busts out those beefy arms!

Nick does have some fun in the clip, too—dancing, singing, crowd surfing and smoking a cigar...and speaking of things going up in smoke, what does papa Paul Jonas think of his no-longer-a-virgin son and his sexed-up image?

He's lovin' it! Last year, Nick told E! News how he sent the pictures from his racy Flaunt spread to his parents. "My dad responded and was like, 'You know you get that from me, right?'" he said. "So, he was actually really proud."

Don't think, though, that Nick's a naughty boy now that he's thrown his purity ring to the wind. As he revealed in a HuffPost Live interview, he still stands by "my set of values, things that are important to me now at this point in my life and that's all that matters."

"I've had an incredibly intense journey with faith and religion and my own growth," he went on. "My belief in God is still very strong and important to me as a person and I think that's all that should matter. I grew up in a church environment and still have love for the church."

"What's important now is my relationship with God, he added, "and that I not judge and that I not be judged."


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