To all my new followers.. You're welcome! But most importantly, thank you! ?? enjoy! #menandcoffee

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People like coffee. People like men. Ergo, @menandcoffee should be your new favorite Instagram account.

It seems pretty simple to combine two things that make us so happy, but the feed is actually kind of revolutionary. It also begs the question "What took so long?"

But those questions are overshadowed by the fact that two of our passions have finally come together. For that, we are #blessed.

It doesn't get much better than this.. #menandcoffee

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Also #blessed are the studs featured in the Instagram account. Hot guys from across the world are pictured enjoying their daily cup of java, all to our eyes' delight. There's a bearded hunk sitting in a coffee shop. There's a plaid-shirted babe using a french press. There's a European hunk sipping and biking. And be still our hearts, there's a guy with one cup of coffee, one adorable dog, and no shirt. 

The account started with photos that creator Alex Tooby found on the Internet, but has since evolved to feature images pulled from Insta-users themselves. In fact, if you know a guy with a caffeine addiction who deserves to be seen by the entire world, use the hashtag #coffeeandmen and he could be the next featured hottie. But we should warn you, the competition is fierce. 

Here are a few more just in case you didn't get enough. 

Men, coffee, and puppies.. Happy Sunday! #menandcoffee

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Any Bulls fans out there?? Photo by @smallz_sj! #menandcoffee

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Black and white. Awesome photo by @meaghan.eady! #menandcoffee

A photo posted by M E N & C O F F E E (@menandcoffee) on

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