A Talking Girlfriend Pillow Has Been Created and It's Even Creepier Than You Think

Japanese developer Koichi Uchimura invented a talking anime body pillow that responds to being rubbed

By Bruna Nessif Mar 05, 2015 3:04 AMTags
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Well this certainly gives a new meaning to pillow talk.

It's not uncommon that some people find themselves cuddling with a pillow while in bed on those cold and lonely nights, but one of the latest inventions to help remedy that situation is so beyond creepy, we're almost at a loss for words. Has it really come to this?

Japanese developer Koichi Uchimura found the pillow's lack in conversational skills very troubling, so he decided to invent "Ita-Supo," a talking pillow that verbally responds to the user's touch, RocketNews24.com reports.

Uchimura took an anime huggy pillow, or dakimakura, as they're called in Japanese, and transformed it into something much more elaborate.

"When we'd sleep in the same bed, I'd start to think, ‘I wish she could talk,' so I wanted to make that a reality," he explains, so the result was the creation of Rina Makuraba, whose family name is reportedly a pun on makura, the Japanese word for pillow.

The instructional video (oh PS, there's an instructional video) opens with Uchimura—who refers to the pillow as his wife—stating, "If you don't rub her, she won't make any sounds. You have to rub her."

He then illustrates this by first rubbing on Rina's breasts, which causes her to make an aroused sound. Uchimura then goes down south (yup, there) and the pillow breathily says, "No, not there," but shows heart marks to let the owner know she's into it.

However, if you get too rough or grabby, Rina's tone will change and she'll yell "Hey, that hurts!" or "Hey, hands off!" Uchimura even made it so a continuous aggressiveness will put her in such a bad mood, she'll stop talking to you all together. On the flipside, a continuous gentle approach will spark positive responses like, "What's gonna happen if I start to love you even more than I already do?"

And this could all be yours for 20,000 yen!

But no, you guys. Just no.

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