Taylor Swift Gives Heartbroken Fan Advice on Tumblr, Makes Her a 6-Song Breakup Playlist—Read the Full Exchange

The college student, Kasey, had posted several messages to the singer earlier this week before the pop star issue a reply...which has gone viral

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When a teenager named Kasey had one of the worst days of her life, Taylor Swift turned it all around.

Earlier this week, Kasey said on her Tumblr past that her boyfriend broke up with her via text, just days before Valentine's Day (what...). She then turned to the 25-year-old pop star, one her idols, for support and advice on Tumblr. And the fan favorite singer did her one better" She also provided her with a 6-song playlist to help her through her breakup. The post has since gone viral.

Kasey revealed that she had dating her boyfriend for about four months. She posted several messages to Swift on Monday evening and early Tuesday morning, peppered in between selfies and photos and illustrations of Swift. It took a while to capture the singer's attention.

Kasey first posted about her breakup on Monday evening, saying things like "My whole world just fell apart and all I want is a hug and I feel like I can't breathe or catch my breath," "Hello Taylor my boyfriend broke up with me, again, seems like some f--ked up rendition of we are never ever getting back together but I've realized that maybe I'll cut my hair and move to New York and be happy."

"I thought he was forever Taylor," Kasey wrote at 2:02 a.m. Swift then replied.

Check out the Tumblr exchange below, as reblogged by another user: 

Swift is also known for past relationships with several celebrities and a slew of hits about breakups, such as "Dear John," "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and her ultimate scorned girlfriend anthem, "Blank Space," her most recent released hit from her 2014 album 1989. Her exchange with Kasey took place days before the Friday release of her new music video, "Style."

Swift is known for communicating with her fans on social media and has doled out relationship advice before. She has also helped pay off their student loanssent them presentssurprised them at bridal showers and even hung out with them at her house, where she served them homemade cookies. Kasey had herself gotten to meet Swift in person last year at a "Secret Sessions" listening party for1989.

Listen to Taylor Swift's ultimate "breakup / moving on" playlist below.

1. Charli XCX - "Stay Away"

Sample lyrics: "Do you remember what I said / That first time we met / Stay away, why couldn't you stay away / I never needed anyone / But now that you are gone / Stay away, won't you just stay away."

2. Montgomery - "Not Around"

Sample lyrics: I set the tone so you'd keep coming home / But you're not around, you're not around / I gave it all when you asked me for more / But the you turned it down / And now you're not around, you're not around."

3. HAERTS - "Wings"

Sample lyrics: "People never smile to say goodbye / Leaving means there's nothing left to try / But I broke my wings for you / I smiled as you untied our love for good."

4. MisterWives - "Coffins"

Sample lyrics: "And I never ever thought I'd hear these words be said / Now I lay here in an unmade bed / Empty stomach's unable to be fed / Your ego swallowed you and from there you fled."

5. Azure Ray - "Sleep"

Sample lyrics: "Hold my wine, hold it in / Nobody's lost but nobody wins / And I can't sleep I can't speak to you / I can't sleep."

6. Measure - "Begin Again"

Sample lyrics: "Don't waste your time waiting for someone to tell you when / Begin again / 'Cause walking outdoors only works if you show them / Begin again / And quit looking backwards and know where you have been / Begin again."

After the exchange went viral, Kasey said, at 3:48 a.m., "taylorswift it is far past my bed time so I am going to bed," Kasey added. "Thank you for the amazing playlist that I can't stop listening to. For being the reason I was able to get through today and sleep last night. You're such a wonderful human being and you have made me so happy. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you Taylor. Thank you again. Goodnight sleep well."

"Today has been so amazing, that the smile I feel needs to be shared," she also said on her Instagram page on Wednesday. "Thank you @taylorswift."

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