Taylor Swift Really Wants to Go to Brunch with Jay Z—Plus, Pharrell Was Not Shading Her at the Grammys

She really made an impression at Sunday's show, even taking a picture with Kanye

By Francesca Bacardi Feb 10, 2015 8:49 PMTags

Taylor Swift ended a couple of feuds at Sunday night's Grammys and even tried to forge a few friendships!

Before posing for a photo with Kanye West and seemingly ending a feud that has gone on since 2009, T.Swift chatted up Jay Z and the "Only One" rapper...about brunch? According to Defamer, the "Style" singer was anxiously trying to make plans with Jay Z (which was caught on the video above), but Beyoncé's husband couldn't look any more disinterested.

"I really want to go to brunch," Swift says, as decoded by Gawker's site. "I really want to go brunch!"

After the "99 Problems" rapper politely nods in her direction, she continues to supposedly squeal, "Brunch!" while he keeps on nodding away.

After one final "brunch!" declaration, she turns around to pose with Kanye and Jay Z settles into his seat looking completely disinterested. We know T.Swift has her posse of seriously A-list gal-pals, but based on the footage above, Jay Z may not be trying to enter that crew.

Meanwhile, Pharrell Williams got caught looking not-so-"Happy" while watching T.Swift boogie to the music (as she often does). It turns out, however, he wasn't giving her the ultimate side-eye. He and The Voice co-star Blake Shelton tell E! News that they both are amazed by her excitement at award shows.

"Taylor knows the words to every song. It's amazing," Pharrell says. "[Dancing] is her thing. I'm just kind of soaking it all in. It's always a new experience for me.

"She was kind of born in it...so for her it's kind of like her vacation," he adds.

Chiming in, Blake says, "It's prom!"

"It really is," Pharrell agrees. "It's a great time for her, and I love that she has that moment."

Whether or not he was throwing shade, Pharrell's facial expression summed up what we were all thinking: The Grammys were boring.

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