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Some on-set secrets will never be revealed.

But when it comes to Liam Neeson's time with Bradley Cooper, the legendary actor is willing to share a few new details about his experience.

In a new interview with Cigar Aficionado, Neeson admits he wasn't crazy about smoking cigars for a role. Luckily, his hunky co-star had his back at all times.

"I'd light a cigar for the scene and when the scene was over, I'd say to the props guy, ‘Take this away,'" he shared in the magazine available Tuesday. "And Bradley would say, ‘No give, it to me,' and he'd smoke it."

Cooper a cigar smoker? We had no idea! 

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As it turns out, smoking isn't the only apprehension Neeson has when it comes to taking on roles in Hollywood. Another genre he isn't too keen on is the world of Shakespeare.

"I was always intimidated by Shakespeare," he confessed. "I still am, to a certain extent. It's the language of course."

While his next project will likely be chosen based on the script and the writing style, the 62-year-old admits he does have a little itch for a certain gig.

"It doesn't even have to be Broadway. I'd love to do a play—a new play," he shared. "Every so often I'm offered a revival, but I'd love to find a new voice, a new piece of writing."

Stay tuned, fans! 

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