It always happens when you least expect it, right?

Joaquin Phoenix stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman and dropped a bomb during his interview—he's engaged!

The Inherent Vice star was explaining to David Letterman about his experience with yoga, and how he met a certain instructor who taught him how to "harness his hog" (it looks just as awkward as you would think). Phoenix even got on the ground during the show to visually illustrate what harnessing one's hog looks like.

But what came out of that encounter was much more than just a new yoga move.

"This is the crazy part of the story, we started dating," the actor shared, and then revealed, "And I think she's the one. I proposed to her and she said yes."

Namaste, indeed! No other details (including his lucky fiancée's identity) have been revealed.

Congratulations, Joaquin!

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