Good news, ladies—Chris Pine is available!

The Into the Woods actor confirmed that he is "a single man" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday. When Ellen DeGeneres said she was "just putting it out there," Pine blushed and said, "Geez. Oh, man." (The star was most recently romantically linked to a former Icelandic beauty queen named Íris Björk Jóhannesdóttir.)

To the audience's delight, DeGeneres then projected a shirtless photo of her guest on the big screen behind them. "So, you work out a lot, too?" The humble star replied, "Ellen, that's a lot of fake tanning."

"Really?" the host asked.

"Yeah," Pine assured her. "For the movies you gotta look healthy."

DeGeneres the invited a "Pine Nut"—which is what the actor's fans call themselves—to join them on stage. "I think her name is Eileen Lee. Hey, Eileen! Come say hello to Prince Charming here," she said.

"How are you?" he asked. "Are you having a good day?"

"What's your favorite thing about Chris?" DeGeneres asked Lee.

"He's really tall," the "Pine Nut" replied.

"I'm feeling very tall right now," Pine joked. DeGeneres asked, "That's your favorite thing?"

"He's beautiful," Lee added. DeGeneres then reminded her, "He sings, too!"

Lee and DeGeneres then put Pine on the spot. "What do you want me to sing, Eileen?" he asked.

"Frank Sinatra," she replied. Pine obliged and sang a few bars of "Summer Wind."

Chris Pine, Ellen Show

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Pine is a big fan of Sinatra—he once covered "Fly Me to the Moon" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!—and he often sings the late icon's biggest hits in the shower. "I've never sung a song in the shower in my life, but I hear that phrase all the time," DeGeneres told her guest. "I'm like, 'People really sing in the shower?'"

"It's the acoustics. Right? You just sound better in the shower," Pine said.

"But there's water coming down into your mouth," DeGeneres argued.

"It's like your own music video. You feel all tremendous," the Star Trek Into Darkness star explained. "First you soap up, the you do your business, then you have 15-20 minutes of singing. It's very normal."

"Wow. We have a drought in California," the host said. "You should not be in the shower that long."

All jokes aside, Pine revealed that he auditioned for Into the Woods by singing "Fly Me to the Moon."

"I think I can carry a tune. Obviously in the shower, the acoustics are maybe better than you are," he said. "I auditioned for Rob Marshall in his living room, and he was very kind, noticed that I was very nervous. He and his partner, John, joined me in singing the song, and that kind of made me feel more comfortable."

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