Move over, Rachel & Co. There's a new set of friends in town!

An Internet user by the name of Robert Jones had the brilliant idea to combine two of our favorite things—Guardians of the Galaxy and Friends—into an epic YouTube mashup video, titled Friends of the Galaxy!

Clever, right?

The amazing clip is basically an updated version of the classic Friends intro, complete with The Rembrandts' song "I'll Be There for You."

If you think about it, the Peter, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot actually do share similarities with the Central Perk gang, except for, you know, that whole saving the universe part.

Guardians of the Galaxy


Like the lyrics taught us, real friends are always there for you when you're stuck in second gear...whether you're in a New York City coffee joint or a flying spaceship!

In an interview with Graham Norton on The Graham Norton Show, Jennifer Aniston recently revealed a new plot for a senior citizen reunion with her costars.

"At this point, honestly we should just wait. I say we just wait until we're really much older and be Golden Friends," the actress said. "Then you wouldn't have the comparison."

But truthfully we're hoping this Friends of the Galaxy ideas takes off. Peter and Gamora as the new Ross and Rachel? One word: Yes.

Friends GIF
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