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Tonight on TV, a fan favorite character returned to The Originals, Gotham changed up the format for its winter finale and Sleepy Hollow geared up for a serious war. All that and more in tonight's Rants and Raves!

RAVE: The Originals: Oh how we missed you, Rebekah! And good on you for snapping Elijah's neck when you realized that normal Elijah would not have killed everyone in the diner before your meeting. Next episode, Klaus, Hayley, Hope, and Rebekah will (probably hopefully) all be reunited, and we're already crying about it.

RAVE: The Originals: Hayley's getting married?! It certainly seems that our favorite hybrid lady is getting hitched, but it's for a pretty good reason (for some people). Basically, if she (an alpha) gets married to Jackson (another alpha) and the whole pack attends the wedding and participates in the ritual, then the whole pack will gain Hayley's ability to control her changing. Unfortunately, it can't just be marriage in name – it's got to be the whole marital shebang, for the rest of their lives. We'll see if this actually pans out, but it seems like she could do a lot worse than Jackson.

RANT: The Originals: Hayley telling Klaus and Elijah about her upcoming nuptials is probably not going to go well. We would not want to be in that room, or anywhere near that room, when that happens.

RAVE: The Originals: Two things: First, Kol/Kaleb is now on Klaus' side, and we hope this means that we get to keep Daniel Sharman for a while (or forever). Second, Elijah held a baby. It was a good night for us.

Gotham, David Mazouz

Jessica Miglio/FOX

RAVE: Gotham: If you had been feeling like there wasn't enough Baby Batman on the Baby Batman show, then tonight was the episode for you! Turns out it wasn't such a good idea for the main witness in a major murder case to hide out in the home of the victims, as Cat found herself being chased by assassins. In order to spend some more time with him, she took Bruce on the run with her, and together they did typical kid stuff, like jumping across buildings and pawning possessions for money. It was kinda fun.  

RAVE: Gotham: You go, Alfred! Who knew the butler would turn out to be the biggest badass on this show?

RAVE: Gotham: We're kind of super excited to see where this show is going with Gordon being moved to security detail at Arkham. Hopefully, this means we're heading in a new direction!

RAVE: Castle: That episode was whatever (it was fine, just not amazing), but we absolutely say yes please to Esposito and Lanie settling down. That is definitely a thing we want! 

Sleepy Hollow

Fred Norris/FOX

RAVE: Sleepy Hollow: There is very little we wouldn't give to play Heads Up with Ichabod Crane. We would also probably give quite a lot to go on an epic hunt for an ancient sword with Ichabod Crane. Or to do literally anything with Ichabod Crane. (Except snuggle. We can't imagine that he smells good.) 

RAVE: Sleepy Hollow: Baby Moloch's all grown up, and it looks like next week's season finale is going to be quite the battle. Hopefully, his "mommy," Katrina, can stop screwing things up long enough to give Abbie and Crane a chance to not end up in some sort of hell dimension once again.  

RANT: Jane the Virgin: Just when Raf and Jane were about to go on a real date, Raf's dad has to show up, fire him, and send him off to Mexico City, all thanks to some big secret Lachlan and Petra are holding over him. Basically Petra is the worst and we want her gone!

RANT: The Voice: There were some serious duds during tonight's top 10 performances, no matter how much Blake Shelton tries to convince us otherwise. 

RAVE: Dancing With the Stars: Every step of every freestyle tonight was absolute perfection. We watched them all twice! Find out who went home here

What did you watch tonight? Rant and rave with us in the comments!

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