Ugly Christmas tree

AP Photo/Reading Eagle, Ben Hasty

"Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree…what the f--k is wrong with your branches?"

That's probably what residents of Reading, Pa. have been singing as of late because they think the town's 50-foot Christmas tree looks like a 50-foot pile of crap.

"Look at it, it's just ugly," Donna Broad told Fox 29. "Looking around, the lights are just dangling."

"It just reminds me of Charlie Brown," Nanda Tucci-Venezia added.

The residents were so offended by the tree that they quickly started a movement and a fundraiser to get it replaced with a tree that does not look like a stiff breeze would knock it over. Actually, a not-so-stiff breeze would probably take this one down.

And it's not the tree's fault. We think all trees should get a chance to be decorated for Christmas with pretty lights and tinsel and whatnot. But maybe this particular tree shouldn't be the crowning jewel in the center of town?

According to city officials, the Norwegian Spruce that the residents so fiercely despise was actually a backup, as the original tree they wanted was unreachable at the farm.

"Monday, with the real bad rain we had, the tree was so far in the field that they said we were not allowed to take our equipment in to cut down the tree," was the official explanation. 

So the town agreed to take it down and donate the sad tree to a local business for display, a process which began Monday morning:

But then there was a change of heart, according to local reporter Liz Kilmer:

It's a Christmas miracle!

We hope the town is giving Ol' Sprucey a chance this Christmas, even if it is a little scrawny. It just needs a some love. We also hope that someone named the tree Ol' Sprucey.

You shine your little heart out, Ol' Sprucey! We believe in you!

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