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On this week's episode of House of DVF, we can't wait to see what's in store for the girls, what life lessons Diane Von Furstenberg has for them, and of course, who gets sent home!

 The Brand Ambassador candidates meet up with DVF style editor Jessica Joffe in Bergdorfs for a DVF sales event where Diane will be making a special appearance!

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But it's not just fun and games – the girls are responsible for working the floor and selling dresses as well!

Diane is busy hustling on the floor and helping customers pick outfits, while the girls watch with awe and learn some valuable sales lessons from the master herself!

But Diane notices that some of the girls aren't doing so great on the floor, which concerns her. 

DVF 104 Recap

It's girls' night out! Jinna, Amanda and Abigail decide to hit the town together for some cocktails!

But Jinna's friends quickly realize how boy crazy she is, not to mention that she loves to get down as much as possible!

DVF 104 Recap

But because Jinna was in a 5-year relationship, she wants to be free and have lots of fun! Not to mention that she's super picky when it comes to guys! But they do have a work event in the morning to think about. Good luck getting Jinna out of the club at a decent hour! 

The next day, the girls all get together in the DVF workroom and Jinna starts ranting about how much fun she had the night before.

When Jessica and DVF Artistic Director Michael Herz walk into the room, the first thing she notices is Jinna's hangover! Jinna thinks she's being unfairly judged, and then Jessica turns on Abigail and calls her out on her outfit choice at the sales event the day before. Looks like it's gonna take a lot to impress Jessica… 

Then the girls start sharing their individual dress designs! But when when Kier shares her design, Michael immediately lays into her. 

DVF 104 Recap

When Abigail shows Michael her design, he seems confused by it…

DVF 104 Recap

Michael makes his choices and Brittany, Jinna, and Amanda's dresses are chosen!  Then he divides the girls up into two teams of three – and not all of the girls are happy with his decisions.

Later, Diane and Jessica meet in Diane's office to discuss the sales event and how the girls did.

DVF 104 Recap

Jessica then gives Diane the scoop on Jinna being hungover, which does not impress Diane because she has a luncheon that she wants the girls to plan for her!

She brings in her friend Bronson, an event designer, who does a lot of DVF parties – and asks him to mentor the girls so that she will be impressed by her event! She then brings the girls in to meet him and she announces the launch of her first-ever home furnishings collection in 2 days!

She then tells them that she wants the lunch to be intimate for Architectural digest and interior designers and she wants the girls to organize every single detail of it! But will they be able to live up to Diane's expectations with only two days' notice?

Kieer and Abigail get floral duty and go look at arrangements together, and immediately Abigail shuts down Kier's crazy idea of mixing oranges with flowers!

DVF 104 Recap

Lenore and Amanda are in charge of location, and they're already having conflict as well, while Brittan and Jinna are assigned décor! But when Brittany calls Amanda and Lenore to check in, Amanda immediately gets annoyed… 

Later, the girls all get together with Bronson to share the ideas they've come up with so far. But his opinion ends up being super specific when it comes to things, and he challenges the girls over various things as they start to question themselves and argue with each other…

Diane calls Bronson in later to check on the party planning and he tells her that things are currently a disaster with the girls!

DVF 104 Recap

Then he points out that Amanda and Brittany don't seem to be getting along very well, which concerns Diane. She's going to have to take matters into her own hands!

Later, Diane's assistant calls Amanda into her office. Uh-oh…

But when she gets there, Diane asks what the deal is with her and Brittany's tension. Amanda gets emotional while explaining that she feels Brittany is bossy with the others and is just trying to speak up. 

Diane immediately takes this opportunity to dish out some advice:

DVF 104 Recap

And when it comes to conflict in the industry, Diane stresses that it doesn't matter about other people.

DVF 104 Recap

Another piece of wisdom from Diane:

DVF 104 Recap

Amanda, feeling confident after her meeting with Diane, meets up with Brittany for a chat. She apologizes to Brittany but then mentions that she doesn't need to try so hard when it comes to competing against the other girls, Brittany immediately gets defensive.

DVF 104 Recap

The rest of the convo doesn't seem to go too smoothly when the girls continue to clash heads and disagree. Brittany tells Amanda that she talks a lot and warns her to keep a safe distance and  to not ask for any more help:

DVF 104 Recap

It's the day of the luncheon and the girls only have 2 hours to get everything in order! But the girls already start getting into disagreements. Kier is relieved however:

DVF 104 Recap

The girls start getting stressed when not all of the things they need have arrived yet and start prepping the room. Amanda already finds a broken antique piece and shows everyone, and Brittany gets annoyed with Amanda for touching her assigned stuff. Will these two ever get along?

Bronson shows up with Diane to see the set-up and is actually impressed with the décor! But then she starts making a few suggestions and has the girls rearrange some things.

But when Diane notices 13 chairs around the table, she immediately refuses to seat 13.

DVF 104 Recap

She insists that they add a 14th member to the luncheon and she invites Brittany – much to Amanda's dismay!

DVF 104 Recap

The other girls sit in the back and start talking some smack because they're a bit jealous of Brittany's invite! Then members of Diane's team start showing up along with important guests, including supermodel Karlie Kloss

The other girls start eavesdropping on Brittany's conversation with the guests at the dinner table. Brittany can't help but smirk to herself when Amanda picks up her dishes!

DVF 104 Recap

One of the guests tells Diane that Brittany would represent the brand well and Amanda overhears it.  But she looks past it and decides to head out with the girls for another fun night out!

Jinna starts to get out of hand and annoys all of the other girls, who notice that she is all about her alcohol! But then she starts to get a little too clumsy and crazy…

The other girls have to help Jinna out of the club and decide to head home!

Meanwhile, Diane goes out to dinner with Jessica and Bronson and they start discussing each of the girls. Jessica agrees that Brittany does present herself well, but she's not necessarily buying into her act just yet.

Diane decides that it's going to be between Abigail and Jinna for the next elimination round. But who is going to go?

Later, Michael tells the two girls they have to go meet with Diane. They nervously head over to her office where their fate awaits…

DVF 104 Recap

Tune-in to an all-new episode of House of DVF next Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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