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Well, this is fairly unappetizing. 

Twitter's #ThanksMichelleObama hashtag has gone viral after a number of upset students began tweeting pics of their school lunches, which are meant to comply with the USDA's food regulations, championed by the first lady, in her effort to fight childhood obesity. 

The images range from photos of "mystery mush," as one student described, to Thanksgiving-themed meals—and there's no denying that they all look pretty disgusting. 

"While budgets are tight right now, there are schools across the country that are showing that it doesn't take a whole lot of money or resources to give our kids the nutrition they deserve," Michelle Obama said back in January 2012. "What it does take, however, is effort. What it does take is imagination. What it does take is a commitment to our children's futures." 

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One student who attends Wisconsin's Richmond Center High School shared a photo of a meal that is apparently meant to be "Spanish rice," adding that students are denied salt with their dishes. 

The new standards for school meals were implemented in 2012 and are intended to "result in healthier meals for kids across the nation." The modified guidelines are said to be based on the "latest nutritional science" with a focus on "limiting calories based on the age of children being served to ensure proper portion size" as well as "increasing the focus on reducing the amounts of saturated fat, trans fats and sodium."

A spokesperson for the USDA, who pointed out some more representative dishes here, provided the following statement: "Independent research shows that a majority of American kids like healthier school lunches, the number of students that like their meals is growing, and that updated meal standards are working to help improve students' health. Students are always provided full servings of both fruits and vegetables as well as protein options, so clearly many of the photos posted do not fully reflect the full range of choices students are provided. Congress passed updated healthy school lunch standards, based on recommendations from pediatricians, with overwhelming bipartisan support to help reduce our country's childhood obesity epidemic and ensure kids are able to get nutritious food at school."

One student even went so far as to slam the first lady as well as her husband President Barack Obama

Of course, as with any Twitter hashtag, the disgruntled students have received backlash, with many claiming that kids are being ungrateful for the fact that they have food to eat. 

For the record, Michelle Obama herself often Instagrams pics of healthy food. And it's safe to say there's more than a slight difference. 

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