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If Kim Kardashian broke the Internet, Mike Golic might just have destroyed it.

The Mike and Mike in the Morning radio host, who starred on Notre Dame's football team before moving onto a nearly decade-long career in the NFL, bet that his alma mater would beat Northwestern University in last Saturday's game. Unfortunately for Golic, that just wasn't the case.

Mike Greenberg, a Northwestern alum, had challenged Golic to recreate the now-infamous Kim Kardashian Paper magazine cover should the Fighting Irish lose. When Golic's team lost 43-40 to the Wildcats in overtime, he was forced to expose the world to something not so pretty...his derriere.

Golic unveiled his recreation on Twitter, with a caption that read, "A bet is a bet, paying off my wager to @Espngreeny #GolicButtPhoto." The radio personalities also talked about the work behind the picture extensively and even added some colorful commentary.

"We've got some tasteful side cheek there," Greenberg noticed, noting that Golic's butt was covered with a massive bow. "I think this is perfectly tasteful."

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Kim Kardashian, Paper Magazine

Jean-Paul Goude/Paper Magazine

Noticing that Golic even went the extra mile by wearing a pearl choker, Greenberg asked if it had been superimposed or if his cohost actually found a similar one. Admitting the truth, Golic revealed that he actually wore a necklace, but it's not like he had it at home! The sports commentator said that his wife, Christine, and his son, Mike, went out and bought it along with the rollers and the oil.

But Golic wasn't willing to go the whole way by revealing his entire butt, so he covered it up with a bow as a gift for the upcoming holidays.

"It is the gift that I think will continue giving for quite sometime," Greenberg joked.

Of course, Golic isn't the first to imitate the reality star's risqué cover. Several celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have recreated the famous photo in a mock version of their annual Christmas card. An artist also took a stab at imitating it by creating a cover with The Little Mermaid's villainess, Ursula, trying to "break the ocean."

What do you think is the best meme so far?

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