Grandmas Smoking Weed


Three grandmas try weed for the first time out of a vaporizer they think is a giant dildo. The Internet brings us wonderful things, friends.


Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre (of course those are their names) have never tried the reefer, so the fine folks over at Cut Video hook them up. The results are wonderful.

Here are our 9 favorite moments from these marijuana-loving mamas...

1. Their Reasons For Never Trying It Before: "We had our cigarettes and our cocktails, and we were happy."

2. The Learning Curve: Like a grandkid setting up their first Yahoo account, seeing inexperienced grandmas try to handle a bong is just all kinds of adorable.

3. They're Fast Learners: When one grandma becomes an instant expert, telling the others "you need more" and "do it like you mean it!"

4. When The High Sets In: "Yeah, I can feel some tingle in my brain."

5. Dirty Minds: When they think a vaporizer is a dildo. (To be fair, it's one of the most dildo-looking vaporizers out there.)

6. They Play Cards Against Humanity: When one grandma selects "the bleached a--hole" as the winning card, and the other grandma, still very high and very polite responds sweetly with "Oh, thank you!"

7. Weed Makes Them Want to Clean: "I could go iron now for days. I love to iron." Other grandma's response? "You're kind of weird."

8. Time For Urban Dictionary: When they don't know what "queefing" is.

9. They're So Happy: When they have a grandma giggle fit, and it's just the cutest!

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