This looks like the most intense movie of the year, filled with lies, action, danger and an outcast just trying to fit in to a mixed up, crazy world. No, it's not a trailer for an upcoming dark and artsy independent film that you'll lie about seeing so you seem more cultured in front of your coworkers. This trailer is actually for a movie that was released alllll the way back in 1992.

And did we mention that movie is also an animated Disney film?

Ryan Shukis wanted to make a "modern" trailer for Aladdin, and by using music from The Hobbit and some editing magic, he did just that. Aladdin now looks like a seriously intense film and less like the family-friendly adventure we all know and love. One thing remains the same, however. Hearing the Genie reminds us how much we miss Robin Williams.

Also, it also makes us want to watch Aladdin again because we forgot how good it was. So now we know what we're doing this weekend! Sorry, significant other. We don't want to go get sushi. We want to watch Aladdin for the 102nd time.

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