Jennifer Lawrence is a badass. We know it, she (kinda) knows it and Hunger Games co-star Elizabeth Banks definitely knows it.

Banks had J.Law on as a guest for her YouTube webisode "Ask a Badass" (the first female featured on her show, FYI), and of course, these two had a playful back-and-forth with each other, which included a hilarious comment from Banks.

First, Elizabeth asked her charming gal-pal how badass she considers herself on a scale from 1 to Elizabeth Banks (ha!). Lawrence modestly said maybe a one or two, but Banks totally thinks she's an E.B.-level badass, and we'd have to agree.

Then, Banks delivered this gem: "You basically have a penis," she told Lawrence.

Before you get all imaginitive with that tidbit, listen to the back-story...

Jennifer Lawrence,  Elizabeth Banks


"Not a lot of ladies get to direct movies, and not a lot of ladies get to be in movies and I like to say that even Jennifer Lawrence, who's the most famous actress in the world, gets not one, but two male co-stars, which I kinda call B-S on," Elizabeth, who just finished directing a movie, explained.

"People are asking me who are our favorite new characters, I was like, they brought women! They brought Julianne Moore and Natalie Dormer. That was kinda fun. It's like five dudes to every lady. But you're a guy's girl. Like, you basically have a penis. You have a man's career now," she said.

So, just to make sure we're all on the same page, she was referencing J.Law's successful acting career.

Plus, watch the clip to find out which character Effie Trinkett (Banks) would want in a three-way with her and Katniss (Lawrence)!

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