DVF 103 Recap

On Sunday's brand new episode of House of DVF, we're one girl down but deeper into the fashion world drama!

The Brand Ambassador candidates show up at the office ready for their next assignment with DVF Artistic Director Michael Herz, who informs them that Diane Von Furstenberg wants each girl to design a wrap dress that could potentially go into the DVF Spring collection.

They immediately get to work when Diane shows up...

She tells them that she and her team will be attending the CFDA Awards that night—it's a special event where designers are honored by other designers!

After getting the girls excited by mentioning that Rihanna, Tom Ford, and other celebs will be there, Diane lets the girls know that she is going to need them at the studio where they will help set up the Resort Collection for tomorrow's big press presentation.

The girls are not too thrilled...

DVF 103 Recap

As the girls get back to work, Diane's assistant enters the room and asks Kier Mellour to come up to Diane's office.

Everyone exchanges nervous glances, because the last time someone was called up to Diane's office, she was sent home!

When Kier sits down with Diane, she is shocked when Diane tells her that she might be the "bitch" in the group, based on her interactions with the other girls. Ouch!

But Kier comes to her own defense:

DVF 103 Recap

Diane then dishes out some life advice:

DVF 103 Recap

After, Diane surprises Kier by asking her to attend the CFDA Awards that night!

Kier is overjoyed but Diane doesn't view this opportunity as a reward. She wants to see if she can dig deeper and get to the root of Kier's behavior while getting to know her better.

As Kier gets up to leave, Diane asks her if she thought she was getting sent home. Kier quickly says no, which causes Diane to wonder if she's lying...

Kier skips back into the work room and shocks the other guys when she starts bragging about her invite from Diane! Then she meets up with DVF Style Editor Jessica Joffe to try on dresses for the event, but when the dresses don't fit right, Kier has a major breakdown!

DVF 103 Recap

Jessica can see that Kier has some self-confidence issues and reminds her that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. She also tells her that part of working for DVF requires having confidence.

Back in the work room, the other girls are chatting about Kier and several of them think that Diane has another reason for inviting Kier to the awards.

Later that night, the girls are busy cleaning and setting up for the press presentation.

As Brittany Hampton struggles to set up the shoe display, Tiffany-Amber Warkenthien impresses everyone with her abilities!

Brittany is impressed by Tiffani and really sees promise in her fellow Brand Ambassador candidate.

DVF 103 Recap

Diane and Kier are off to the CFDA Awards!

DVF 103 Recap

In the car, Diane tells Kier that she almost decided not to bring her to the event after what happened earlier in her office.

Diane reminds Kier that it's okay to show her vulnerability once in a while and she would prefer it if Kier was honest with her.

DVF 103 Recap

When Diane asks Kier how the other girls reacted to her invitation, Kier said that some girls were happy for her while others weren't.

Diane offers more words of wisdom:

DVF 103 Recap

They arrive at the CFDA Awards and everyone is there. Kier is star struck!

DVF 103 Recap

Back at the studio, the other girls turn green with envy when Lenore Genovese shows them Kier's pics from the event!

DVF 103 Recap

At the Awards, Kier feels slightly out of place and is disappointed that she isn't getting as much personal time with Diane.

She starts questioning the whole thing...

DVF 103 Recap

The next day, Lenore stop by to check on Kier and find out how the event went. She is surprised when Kier doesn't seem happy about it, but the two have to rush to the studio for the DVF Press presentation!

Editors from the top magazines such as Vogue and Glamour will be there, and the girls are going to have to be at the top of their game!

As they start receiving instructions from a member of the DVF team, Diane immediately gets annoyed that they aren't working and tells them to get started at once!

But as the girls start interacting with members of the press, they're not doing so well...

Abigail Petit-Frere's bold personality is coming off as too intense, Lenore is talking too much, while Jinna Yang and Amanda Schauer can't seem to remember any info about the collection!

When Eva Chen from Lucky Magazine asks Tiffani a question, she responds with a personal story.

Later, Diane's press contacts start giving her feedback and she is not happy with the girls!

After the event ends, Diane calls a group meeting. While the girls thing they did well, they are surprised when Diane tells them she was not happy with their performance.

She starts giving them advice on how to deal with the press while telling each girl about their individual mistakes.

Some of the girls just don't understand...

DVF 103 Recap

Diane then asks Tiffani to come up to her office!

Tiffani is super nervous but the other girls think she'll be fine and encourage her by saying that Diane probably just wants to give her advice.

Diane asks Tiffani what she wants to do in life and Tiffani says that while she doesn't know exactly what she wants to do, she does know that she wants it to be fashion-related.

Diane can relate to her and shares some encouraging words from when she was a young woman:

DVF 103 Recap

Diane then delivers the bad news—she doesn't see Tiffani as the next Brand Ambassador, but then she has some good news!

She tells Tiffani that after the program is over, she wants to offer Tiffani a position in one of the DVF stores so that she can start from the ground up and grow with the company to find her way in life.

DVF 103 Recap

Tiffani happily says yes and looks at this situation as a blessing in disguise!

DVF 103 Recap

Despite it being difficult to say goodbye, Diane is convinced she made the right decision and is happy to help Tiffani, whom she considers an "Angeline Jolie in the making."

DVF 103 Recap

Tiffani then joins the other girls at dinner, and when she informs them that she's been sent home, Brittany has a breakdown and steps outside.

She's really upset that her friend was sent home, especially since Brittany thinks Tiffani really deserves this chance, but Tiffani is able to see the positivity at the end.

DVF 103 Recap

On next week's House of DVF, Jinna gets her party on while Brittany and Amanda find themselves at war!

Tune-in for an all-new episode of House of DVF next Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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