Jennifer Lawrence, Stephen Colbert

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, James White/NBC

As Stephen Colbert noted on Thursday's Colbert Report, Jennifer Lawrence is "known as a nice, normal person..."

"For now," the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 star quipped back, joking that she plans on "going postal" soon. Colbert, not one to miss an opportunity, told J.Law, "We could plan your downward spiral if you want. We could pick the drug and the crime!"

"OK," the 24-year-old actress answered gamely.

"How about crystal meth," suggested Colbert, "and boosting cars?"

"Ooh," said the Oscar winner, not fond of the suggested drug choice. "[It's] bad for the skin!"

Ah, so true. Staying away from such illegalities, BTW, has probably helped Jen from becoming a tragic Hollywood cliché. Colbert noted, though, that she once "[was] a normal person" growing up in Kentucky, too, which helped.

"I was," she agreed with a laugh. "Then everything changed. Now I'm made of rubber!"

Joking aside, she looks back on her semi-Southern upbringing with fondness. "I grew up in Kentucky — not skinning squirrels..." she began, before correcting herself. "Actually, I have skinned a squirrel before. I can't even say that.... I was like, 'Jennifer, you've even eaten squirrel chili!'"

Haven't we all? Colbert approved, even suggesting that after his Colbert Report run is over, "The two of us will go fight crime together some place!"

He was also curious what J.Law thinks about that nickname... "I don't mind it," she said. "It's actually been my nickname since like elementary—maybe not elementary school, middle school."

And are mom and dad M.Law and D.Law, asked Colbert? "Yep," Jen said. "We're a pretty cool family!"

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