American Horror Story, Freak Show, Bullseye

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Don't cross Miss Elsa, the Opium-smokin', monster-lovin' TV star wannabe on American Horror Story: Freak Show. She'll kill you, obviously. Even if you are her lover.

Plus, The Voice sent home eight contestants, SVU had its big crossover, Arrow had a vigilante off and more.

RAVE: American Horror Story: Freak Show: "I just want to be loved." And so Elsa Mars spells out her hopes and dreams with a birthday wish. For viewers who have been paying attention, this isn't a new revelation, but we do have to give props to Jessica Lange for her performance this year (and really, all the years). Elsa is delusional, tortured and loving all at the same time. And now her monsters are doubting her, even trusty Ethel who threatened to kill her if rumors about Dot and Bette are true…and they are…so…

RANT: American Horror Story: Freak Show: Frances Conroy's Myrtle Snow was one of the best parts of Coven. This season? She hasn't had much to do besides speak in a high-pitched voice and talk about RC Cola. Please give this scene stealer something to do.

RAVE: American Horror Story: Freak Show: Dandy is so freaking creepy. Pun intended. This week he discovered death is his purpose. We're going to let you finish because you're pretty scary, but Buffy Summers had the best death revelation with "Death is your gift." Just saying.

RANT: The Voice: So Taylor Brashears gets sent home and we're just supposed to be OK with it? Here's the breakdowns...

Team Blake
Reagan James—Safe
Craig Wayne Boyd—Safe
Jessie Pitts—Saved by Blake Shelton
Taylor Brashears—Eliminated
James David Carter—Eliminated

Team Pharrell
DaNica Shirey—Safe
Luke Wade—Safe
Sugar JoansPharrell Williams saved
Elyjuh René—Eliminated
Jean Kelley—Eliminated

Team Gwen
Anita Antoinette—Safe
Taylor John Williams—Safe
Bryana Salaz—Eliminated
Ricky Manning—Eliminated
Ryan SillGwen Stefani saved

Team Adam
Matt McAndrew—Safe
Chris JamisonAdam Levine saved
Mia Pfirrman
Taylor Phelan—Eliminated

Arrow, Guilty


RAVE/RANT: Arrow: It was Vigilante vs. Vigilante as Ollie went up against Ted, who was apparently Starling City's masked savior six years ago. Ollie didn't trust him, and that ended up only sort of being a good thing. Ted is fine, but the vigilante apprentice he once trained turned out to be bad news. Somebody died six years ago, it was a whole thing, and it put Laurel in danger. Ollie saved her, but still refused to train her, which sent her back to Ted. Hmm, wonder where this is going? (Check out Katie Cassidy's pretty kickass Black Canary costume!)

RANT: Arrow: So Roy didn't kill Sara? We're completely ok with that, but we're a bit confused about Oliver's explanation of Roy's dream. Because of its similarity to a murder Roy had actually committed while under the influence of mirakuru, he dreamt of committing Sara's murder?  Huh?

RAVE: Arrow: Oh hey, Cupid. We only saw the classic DC comics villain for a couple seconds, but it looks like we're getting a lot more of her next week! 

Law and order, SVU, Chicago Crossover


RAVE: Law & Order: SVU Here's to Law & Order: SVU embracing its fans. The show has never been shy about putting in the little winks, but in one episode we got Badass Benson and a Mama Bear Benson reference? Thank you!

RANT: Law & Order: SVU Crossovers are tough, to pull off and if you're just an SVU fan and not a Chicago P.D. viewer, then this episode of SVU was kind of a waste aside from the little moments. However, we did get a Stabler reference and some nice friction between Voight and Benson.

RANT: The Goldbergs: We struggle so hard with Beverly Goldberg sometimes, especially when she's showing up at school and getting gym teachers fired for having kids play dodgeball. She's a hilarious woman, but the cringe levels are off the charts. 

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