Poppy Delevingne

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OK, calling it: Poppy Delevingne might be our new favorite person ever.

Seriously, the older of the Delevingne sisters—younger sis is supermodel Cara Delevingne—is funny, down-to-earth and supports our notion that a bowl of pasta a day makes everything, read: everything, just a little bit better.

While we know Cara for her wacky faces and sometimes-wild antics, Poppy is a riot too. The English model, who is launching a Resort 2015 bikini collection with swim and loungewear brand Solid & Striped, shared some, well, interesting facts that we would have never guessed if she hadn't told us (if these don't make you smile, you might want to check that your funny bone is still in place):

1. My nickname growing up was Froggy. Because I look like a frog, which is nice. 

2. I eat pasta every day. I dream in spaghetti. 

3. I support the Blue Marine Foundation, saving our oceans and making people aware of how vital they are for our planet. Plus, I have a weird obsession with hammerhead sharks. 

4. I had a goldfish that lived for 15 years. I won him at a circus and called him Moby Dick. 

5. I'm pretty sure I have 6,224 freckles on my face. 

6. I can sing every single word to every single Spice Girls song ever made on the planet. 

7. I have a phobia of buttons. Since I was a child, if someone hugged me with a shirt on I'd cry. 

8. I've designed a bikini collection with beach brand Solid & Striped inspired by Alabama Worley [Patricia Arquette's character in True Romance], because she is my true style icon. 

9. My secret man crush is Alan Rickman. So I guess it's not much of a secret anymore. 

10. I think my feet are my prettiest feature. If there was an award for Foot Supermodel of the Year, I would win it. 

Solid & Striped x Poppy Delevingne will launch Nov. 14 on Net-a-Porter.

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