Have you ever had that moment when you're watching Wheel of Fortune and there's only one letter on the board, but the answer suddenly comes to you?

That's right. No, you haven't. Because it happens to almost no one. Especially not to these Hawaiian shirt-wielding crazy people. But there's a single 'N' on the board and in their minds, the answer is right in front of them.

Unfortunately for the contestants, the answer is not, indeed, "riding a brown horse." Nor is it "riding a white horse." Or any other GD five-letter color you can think of. 

"Riding a stupid horse?" Potentially.

Host Pat Sajak strolls off the stage, probably (and understandably) about to just quit this episode right on the spot and find new contestants, because these ones are aggressively wrong about everything.

"WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A HORSE?" yells Sajak at one point.

We feel you, Pat. We feel you.

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