When it comes to pop culture's biggest battles, sometimes it's easy to pick a side.

But a new clash involving Ghostbusters and MythBusters easily has us questioning where our alliances should lie. Let's break it down for you!

The genius minds behind the popular YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History launched a new season Monday where they created the geekiest battle in Internet history.

A parody cast of Ghostbusters is first up in the LOL video where they show off their epic rap and rhyming skills. And while they totally impress us with their performance, the MythBusters crash the shoot and also prove their strengths while throwing some serious shade.

Who we gonna pick, maybe not the Ghostbusters!  

Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters


"Good thing you worked in a firehouse because you just got burned," the MythBusters rap. "You are poor scientists and that's confirmed."

Soooo good, right?

Even the hosts of MythBusters are taking notice of the viral video.

"Omg. This is the best thing ever," Adam Savage tweeted. "MythBusters vs Ghostbusters epic rap battle!!!"  Grant Imahara echoed his statements by writing, "WE ARE AN EPIC RAP BATTLE!"

And if you like what you watch, there's a lot more to see! The Epic Rap Battles of History page has tackled Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy, and even George Washington vs. William Wallace. We can't make this stuff up, folks!

Watch the video above and pick a side by commenting below! 

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