Amy Jo Johnson


The Power Rangers were never afraid to accept a challenge.

So it should come as no surprise that actress Amy Jo Johnson, better known as the woman behind Pink Ranger, happily agreed to perform on the streets of Toronto if, and only if, she could raise enough money for her upcoming film, The Space Between.

Before we get to her memorable performance, you may be curious to find out who suggested such a random idea. Well, turns out we have Power Rangers castmember David Yost to thank.

"As your friend, I've got a challenge for you," he shared in a YouTube video. "I challenge you to go out in a large public space. I challenge you to take your guitar and I challenge you to sing. But the catch is, you have to be dressed up as a pink power ranger. Doesn't that sound fun? I think it sounds amazing."

Well, as it turns out, fans of Johnson pitched in to help and the actress reached her goal before the important deadline of November 15.

Even better, Johnson was totally down to follow through. "I'm feeling a little weird about that," she shared in another video. "But if you guys think it's a good idea, I will totally rise to the occasion."

And that she did!

On the public streets of Toronto, Pink Ranger herself got the attention of several passerbys as she busted out into song while in costume. She even got some much-deserved applause from a few strangers.

"Just woke and realized this wasn't a strange dream I had," she shared on Instagram after the performance. "Thank you Mark Levy for the photo! And @xkisskisskillx for the suit! Omg! So much stinking fun! All for the love of The Space Between!"

And for those wondering about her upcoming film, it's not too late to donate.

"So grateful for the love today!! Marc levy!! @xkisskisskillx !! @jdfffn !! ," she added. "So fun! the space between! Come! Be part of the team."

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