Lara Logan, 60 Minutes

CBS News' Lara Logan is currently being quarantined in a South African hotel for three weeks as a precautionary measure following her trip to Liberia for a 60 Minutes update on the Ebola outbreak.

The network announced today that her 21-day self-quarantine is set to end this Friday and that neither Logan nor her four other CBS colleagues have shown any signs of being infected with the virus.

During a 60 Minutes Overtime web interview, Logan admitted via webcam that she's getting cabin fever but that she's in good spirits.

"We wanted to try, as much as possible, to minimize our exposure to anybody while we still had to get our piece done," she explained. 

"We were very mindful of the fact that this 21-day period after you've been in an Ebola-affected country is very important to everyone."

She added that the South African government had given her and the four crew members permission to work at the hotel.

"We haven't traveled far from the room that you can see," the mother of two added.

She also explained the precautionary measures she undertook while reporting on the ground in Liberia, including washing with a chlorine solution, closely monitoring her temperature and being cautious of coming in contact with people.

The quarantine comes just months after Logan was placed on a more than six-month leave of absence over her role in an inaccurate report about the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.

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