We're crying and weeping and basically in a complete emotional Revenge breakdown right now.

Emily and David reunited for real and we could not be happier about it. At first, it seemed like we were just getting a fake-out. David went to visit Emily after hearing that she and "Amanda" were good friends, and while she did tell him about the time that Victoria pushed the pregnant Amanda over the railing at the baby shower, she did not tell him who she actually was.

David went on his merry way, visiting a strip club to get the lowdown from a former stripper friend of Amanda and Emily's. Of course, Victoria got to her first, and paid her off with a fancy necklace to tell David what a lovely person Victoria was, because that's what lovely people do.

Meanwhile, Emily found a key to David's safety deposit box in the beach house's hidey hole, which led her to a pile of pictures of Amanda. David had clearly been looking after her, which was just too much for Emily to handle. She burst into the beach house, pictures in hand, asking why David didn't come for her. It was devastating, and luckily David didn't immediately assume she was insane.

Instead, he got a look at Emily's wrist tattoo of their shared double infinity symbol and completely understood. His reaction was surprisingly understated, though he didn't really have much time to have much of a reaction, since some crazy commotion started happening outside: Victoria had touched a car which was too close to a utility pole which had been struck by lightning, which is a thing that would only happen on the craziest TV shows. Victoria fell to the ground, unconscious, as David and Emily rushed outside. Typical Victoria – ruining the moment we've spent years waiting for with her dramatic shenanigans.

Elsewhere in the episode, Louise tried to kill Margaux by locking her in a steam room, and then had a quick conversation with her hallucinated mother. Why is Louise here? What is the point of her? It is still unclear.

So, how much are you freaking out? Why is everybody hallucinating on TV tonight? Head to the comments and discuss!

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