Thanks, Homeland, for momentarily giving us a heart attack tonight.

Carrie was not doing well in the aftermath of last week's disaster, when Saul was kidnapped and Aayan was killed by the not-dead terrorist, Haqqani. She's feeling guilty for all of that and for getting Brody killed, too. And it definitely did not help that her Bipolar meds had been switched by the ambassador's super shady husband.

So, Carrie ended up going a little crazy, hallucinating things and people, and waving her gun everywhere until she was taken away by police. She was kept in a cell for a bit before being let out into a strange house, where she ran into…Brody?!

Instinctively, we yelled "Damien Lewis?!" and spent the next couple of minutes quietly yelling much ruder words at our TV screens. We were also losing our minds? Was Brody alive? He kept saying he was, and that no one had died, but there's no way Homeland would do that right? It would be ridiculous for Brody to have been alive all that time, right? Right?!

Yes. Right. They wouldn't do that – at least not right now. Brody was all a hallucination, and it was revealed that Carrie was just crying in the arms of an officer who was definitely not Brody. It was heartbreaking, but it was also a relief. We're pretty sure we actually would have quit the show, as we've already threatened to do so many times. 

Just keep Saul alive, and we won't have to make good on that threat. 

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