DVF Recap, EP 102

On Sunday's all-new episode of House of DVF, it's the official first day of the Global Brand Ambassador program!

With Coco and Rhianna recently sent home, the 8 remaining girls meet with DVF Creative Brand Director Stefani Greenfield, who reveals that she was most impressed with Amanda Schauer's work at the DVF Awards.

Kier Mellour then hands Stefani a thank you card, but it turns out that she misspelled Stefani's name! Awkward...

Diane Von Furstenberg then joins the meeting and introduces the girls to Michael Herz, the Artistic Director at DVF, who will be overseeing the girls in the program.

The girls are then given their next assignment: Over the next few days, they will make dream boards inspired by the Côte d'Azur in the South of France, which they will then present to Diane and her team!

Codi Critchfield and Lenore Genovese stop people on the streets of New York to see if any of them have traveled to the Côte d'Azur, while Jinna Yang, Amanda and Kier hit up a local spice market for inspiration!

But Kier is super sensitive to the spices and wants to leave ASAP, which frustrates Jinna.

DVF Recap, EP 102

Tiffani-Amber Warkenthien, Brittany Hampton and Abigal Petit-Frere stop by the thrift store for ideas, but Tiffani disappears to meet up with her boyfriend, who uses his art skills to help put together her dream board!

Her friends are skeptical though...

DVF Recap, Ep 102

While out for drinks, Kier, Amanda and Jinna discuss Stefani's praise of Amanda. Kier immediately points out that she thinks Stefani got her mixed up with Amanda!

Jinna calls Kier out:

DVF Recap, EP 102

The next morning is the look book shoot for the DVF Resort Collection!

Stefani greets the girls but is immediately taken aback by Kier's giant bow, which she finds incredibly distracting.

She blasts Kier for looking so ridiculous and it's super uncomfortable...

Then the girls are divided into 2 groups and start organizing their own look books based on the latest collection.

The best part? The winning team will have their looks shot for an online campaign!

Kier, Abigail, Jinna and Tiffani are in one group and they're already having disagreements. Kier proposes that they come up with a location to inspire the looks, but no one else seems to be listening to her.

DVF Recap, Ep 102

After everyone is done, Diane comes to assess everyone's look books!

Group 1 goes first and Diane likes the items they picked, but she would have liked to see them tell a story. Kier is frustrated because that was her exact idea and her team shot it down!

DVF Recap, EP 102

Group 2 goes next and does exactly what Diane wanted—they tell a story with the clothes!

But Diane notices that they tried to style a dress as a jacket which she does not like. #FAIL

DVF Recap, EP 102

Team 2 is announced as the winners!

Kier then proceeds to call out her team in front of Diane for not listening or being open to her ideas, which Abigail does not react well to. Jinna jumps in and they all get into an argument!

Stefani notices how upset Abigail is by all of this and pulls her aside to talk.

She advises Abigail to keep her calm and reminds her that she is always there if Abigail needs to talk. Abigail feels better knowing that she has someone that she can trust and talk to.

DVF Recap, Ep 102

At the hotel, Lenore visits Kier and they start discussing their vision boards. While the two are glad to have become friends, Kier still has her opinion:

DVF Recap, EP 102

While at dinner with Brittany, Abigail reveals that she has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders because her brother is going to college and it's all on her to see him through!

The two ladies connect during their meal and both of them have a lot of respect for each other. It's clear this connection is extra special!

The winning team is on the set of the DVF shoot while Diane looks over the pictures they shot from their look book!

Kier relaxes poolside when Abigail comes over to join her. The two start talking about what happened the day before.

Kier mentions that she felt left out by the group and is convinced they would have won if they had only listened to her idea. As the two discuss their feelings, its clear that they're having trouble seeing eye-to-eye on things.

Will they ever be able to get along?

After the photo shoot, Diane surprises everyone by announcing that she wants to see their inspiration boards in an hour!

DVF Recap, Ep 102

The girls find themselves in a mad rush to get back to the hotel to get their boards ready!

Jinna, who was enjoying afternoon mimosas with Tiffani, is particularly bummed out that the fun had to end.

DVF Recap, EP 102

Tiffani is having a freakout of her own because her board has nothing on it!

At the meeting, Diane and Michael are pretty hard on everybody's boards. When they get to Kier's board, all the pictures on there are of herself!

DVF Recap, EP 102

Tiffani explains that she didn't get to finish her board and Diane immediately calls her out.

Diane then asks Codi, Abigail, and Tiffani to come to her office for a chat. But as she waits for them, Diane realizes something.

She then asks Lenore to come up instead of Tiffani. Despite the fact that Tiffani messed up on the assignment, Diane mentions that there's something about Tiffani that she really likes and she wants her to stay longer.

DVF Recap, EP 102

The girls nervously sit and listen to what Diane has to say. She tells Abigail that she needs more confidence and offers some life advice to Lenore:

DVF Recap, EP 102

Then Diane makes her decision: Codi is going home!

She points out that Codi is very talented—but in fashion, not photography. She wishes her the best and hands Codi a DVF bag before sending her on her way. Adorable.

DVF Recap, Ep 102

The girls all share one last emotional group hug with Codi before she leaves!

Now it's down to 7 girls! Will they be able to live up to Diane's standards the following week?

DVF Recap, Ep 102

But it's time to work extra hard and prove that they each have what it takes to stay a little longer...

Tune-in for an all-new episode of House of DVF next Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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