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How cute is little Briar Rose?

Sorry to psych you out, dear readers, but in accordance with E! News' No Kids Policy, we won't be publishing a photo of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's newborn daughter without her famous parents' consent. For now, this still from Walt Disney's 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty will have to suffice.

The Jumper co-stars have yet to reveal why they chose the name Briar Rose for their daughter, who was born on Oct. 29, but it seems likely that at least one of the actors is a fan of the beloved Disney Princess. Of course, Bilson and Christensen aren't the first celebrities to name their child after a movie character.

(And let's be honest, Briar Rose is a much prettier name than Maleficent.)

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes welcomed their firstborn daughter, Esmeralda Amada Gosling, on Sept. 12. Demi Moore voiced the gypsy Esmeralda in 1996's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Gosling is a huge fan of Disneyland. As the movie star explained to GQ in 2010, "I loved the idea that Walt Disney had this dream of a place and then made it a reality...It's so clearly one person's singular dream. The fact that somebody believed in their idea so much to make it a reality...I want to be that kind of person." However, a source told E! News that they chose Esmeralda because it means "beautiful emerald" in Spanish.

Mendes also played a character named Amada Juarez in her 2007 crime drama, We Own the Night.

Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella welcomed Rainbow Aurora Rotella on March 5, 2013. During her pregnancy, the Playboy model dressed up as the Sleeping Beauty character during a trip to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party. And, after giving birth, the reality star defended her daughter's unusual first name, telling E! News, "I wanted to give my daughter a unique name. Growing up, there was a girl in my school named Rainbow and I was so envious of that name. I thought it was so pretty and unique."

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz named their son after their favorite man-cub from 1967's The Jungle Book. The former couple welcomed Bronx Mowgli Wentz on Nov. 20, 2008, and his middle name is a tribute to their favorite character. The film itself was inspired by Rudyard Kipling's book of the same name. "Kipling's really cool," Wentz told KIIS-FM's Ryan Seacrest at the time. "The Jungle Book was something that me and Ashlee bonded over,'s a cool name." Regarding their son's first name, the Fall Out Boy bassist explained, "We'd been throwing [Bronx] back and forth a while ago. I feel weird because all these people have all these ideas on what it means...It's kind of cool to leave the narrative what it is." The rocker then added, "I don't think anybody knows what the real story is of why or how."

Like Gosling, Simpson and Wentz are big Disney fans. Prior to becoming parents, they had a Winnie the Pooh-themed baby shower and hosted an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding reception in May 2008.

The Jungle Book


When Halle Berry gave birth on March 16, 2008, the actress and model Gabriel Aubry named their daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry. The two didn't name their little girl after the Lion King character, however. Nahla means honeybee in Arabic, while Ariela comes from Hebrew and means "lion for God." As the Extant actress told Access Hollywood at the time, "We didn't have a name picked out until just before we left the hospital. For us it was hard to name the most important person in our life until we met her."

It's not that uncommon to name babies after Disney characters, although it's unlikely you'll find too many children named Pocahontas or Quasimodo. After the surprise success of 2013's Frozen, for example, a poll revealed that Elsa has become a more popular name than ever before.

Would you name your child after a Disney character? Sound off in the comments!

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