Stephen Amell is showing off some new lip hair in support of Movember!

The hunky Arrow star took to Facebook this week to promote fundraising for men's health in a cute video post.

"Facebook, good morning," Amell says in the clip while debuting his 'stache. "My mustache feels lovely, that's for certain. If you're not familiar with Movember, or no shave November, it's something that I believe originated in Australia. It doesn't really matter when it originated. The point of it is to raise awareness for men's health: early detection of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, just to name a few. That's why I'm wearing this mustache right now, I mean, that's the reason I'm telling everybody, but ultimately we get to raise money for a good cause."

Stephen Amell, Kentucky Derby

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Amell then shared a link to his Movember fundraising page and encouraged fans to join him in the fundraising. "I'm gotten to let this mustache grow for a few days now, but when I have to shave it off, which will happen eventually for work, other people that join my team can carry on the cause," he said. "It's a good one. Give it a looksy. Thank you everybody."

He captioned the video, "Want to join The Justache League of (North) America? My mustache feels luxurious this morning. This video explains Movember USA for the uninitiated."

Check out Amell's Movember video to get the scoop on the good cause.

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