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Sam Hunt mixes country with a smooth R&B style for a sound that's all his own. The 29-year-old's debut album, Montevallo, is currently climbing the country charts. From his handsome looks, to his honest lyrics, he's quickly becoming as big as Luke Bryan, who was named the Entertainer of the Year at last night's CMA Awards. And like the rest of the country world, Sam attended last night's CMA Awawrds, presenting alongside Lily Aldridge!

So who exactly is Sam Hunt? Here are twelve things to know about the Country hottie.

SAM + MOM in Chattanooga tonight.

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1. He's the Big Bro: "I have two younger brothers." Sam tells E! News.

2. He's A Cat Lover: "I have a cat named Dandelion. My brother is taking care of her. She's a rescue" Hunt told fans on Reddit.

Sam Hunt, CMA Awards

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3. He Is the Only Musician in His Family: Hunt tells us, there's no one else in his family who is a musician or who is musical, at least that he knows of. However, Hunt says, "I would have probably told you I wasn't musical at all if I had never picked up that guitar before heading to college."

4. Famous Fan: Sam reveals that enjoys John Mayer's music. "I'm such a big fan of his."

Tuning up for an acoustic show in Albany, New York

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5. His Bandmates Are His Roommates: When Hunt isn't traveling on the road, he's living in Nashville with his band. "We all live in the same house." Sam tells us, "Even if we weren't playing music, we would still be hanging out, they're absolutely good friends of mine."

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Good times last night in PA.

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6. Wood Sheds Make Great Writing Spots: Not only has Hunt written each song on his album, he also has written for Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and Billy Currington. One of Hunt's favorite spots to write? "A wood shed behind my house. I'll go out, and sit down sometimes late at night, play, and work on lyrics after I've left the studio," Hunt spills.

7. Time to Shop: He tells us his favorite store is "Bullets & Mullets in Nashville."

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8. Tour Bus Essentials: Hunt says "Gatorade, Cheez-Its, and Step Brothers," are always on the bus. "We all love the movie, Step Brothers. We always keep it around, in case we feel like laughing, we'll put it in."

9. He's Old Fashioned: When asked what the last thing he bought online, Sam admits, "I don't know that I've ever bought anything online. I'm about 10 years behind the technological curve I think."

10. Montevallo Was Inspired By Sam's Past: Hunt met a girl from Montevallo, shortly before moving to Nashville, which inspired the album title. "Those next few years after moving to Nashville, a lot of the experiences I had with her, the time I spent with her, and the relationship I had with her, that inspired a lot of songwriting on the album." When asked if she knew the songs were about her, Hunt explains, "Yeah, and the songs aren't necessarily all about her, but I just learned so much from her on her perspective in general." Sam continued saying, "It's not necessarily that the songs are all about her, but they are influenced a lot by her."

11. Longest Song to Write on Montevallo: "'Break Up in a Small Town,' was the song I spent the most time on," Hunt tells us. Well, the hard work paid off, because Hunt admits it's one of his favorites!

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 12. On the Hunt: "I love being outside, I do a lot of hunting," he tells us.

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