It's just barely November, but every other company who wishes to make a heartwarming Christmas commercial can just pack up and go on home. We already have a winner.

John Lewis, a British department store chain, has launched its Christmas campaign with an adorable, tear-jerking and just freaking precious commercial starring a little boy named Sam and his best friend Monty the Penguin.

Kid plus penguin is cute enough, but the commercial turns the feels up to 11 with the story of the one thing the penguin really wants, and Sam coming through for his animal buddy. The ending is so lovable we promise (and warn you) that you will probably die. But you will die happy and probably in the middle of saying: "awwwwww!"

John Lewis has big plans for Monty the Penguin. Now that he's the star of their Christmas marketing campaign, he's already on Twitter, he has a book and of course, there's a Monty stuffed animal.

And if you love the song in the commercial (Tim Odell covering John Lennon's "Real Love") you can download it off iTunes with proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund so they can keep protecting the habitats of penguins just like Monty.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Someone buy us a Monty. We want one.

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